What Are You Teaching Today?

Introduction to Crayon World

The stars of our videos are a family of four. Reddest and Honey, with their two children, Sky and Blush along with Pine their close friend, and Ms Pearl their teacher. Their lives are similar to our own except for one key difference, crayon world! When our characters encounter a problem they cannot solve, they enter Crayon World, an imaginary world where whatever they draw can be brought out to help them overcome their challenges!

By Topic

Our Material narrative video will introduce three common materials, paper, glass and metal.

Our two Self Control videos will help children understand and overcome relatable scenarios.

With the help of our around the world documentary, children will be brought to the seven continents of the world.

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Oz Videos

Topic 1 : Materials

Video Style : Narrative

Name: Three Little Crayons

Description: A retelling of the classic three little pigs, join Sky and Blush as they learn about the houses of Paper, Glass and Metal, just watch out for the big bad crayon along the way. 

Topic 2 : Self Control

Video Style : Narrative 

Name: Blush learns to wait

Description: Join Blush as she learns about being inpatient, and with the help of her dad Reddest, also learns fun and engaging methods to overcome it!

Video Style : Song

Name: The Self Control Song

Description: Sing along with Blush and the others as you’re led through a song about the various ways to overcome impatience. 

Topic 3 : Around the World

Around the world Documentary 

Name: Dancing around the world. 

Description: Join Reddest as he not only visits the seven continents, but learns a unique dance in each of them!