Past Productions

Circus Maximus (The immersive experience)

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The Extravagant Ed and his Circus Maximus are hiring! Allow your child to join the circus full of amazing animals and fantastical feats in a circus
unlike any the world has ever seen! But hidden under the neon lights and brightly coloured drapes, is everything as it seems? The animals are planning a great escape and only you can help them!

This is an immersive production held at KidZ Amaze (SAFRA Jurong)

What is an immersive production?

In short, an immersive show is a 3 part production!

Circus Maximus (Puppet Show)

Let us bring the puppet show to you! Expose your children to the world of puppets and drama.

Drama activities encourage the affective aspects of reading and emergent literacy. Drama begins with the concept of meaningful communication and provides multiple opportunities for social interaction and feedback.

List of School Performances

Using the building block, we did our own version of the three little pigs!

By allowing the children to be part of set, they unleased their ceativity in helping to build a maze to stop the big bad wolf!


Three Little Pigs

This is a small group production that Oz Studios had the opportunity of doing to include activities into theater and using elements of the story and the surrounding to immerse the children as characters into the story!

This version of the Three Little Pigs had a twist! 

Was it all just a misunderstanding? Perhaps Mr Wolf just wants to help!