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"We create stories that come to life and allow the children to play an active role in the story and be able to enter and explore that world"

Evolving Modes of Immersive Theatre

Oz Studios creates a multi-layer experience revolving live story telling with children getting an opportunity to not only watch a theatrical story but also get a chance to be part of the story as real characters that will influence the outcome of the story through various fun and engaging missions.

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The People Behind the Immersive Experiences

Wan Jie Jun

JJ holds a Diploma in Theatre from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts.

He has produced theatre productions for numerous preschools. [Wizards of Oz, Tales of River Han,There’s a Zoo under my bed, 3 Little Pigs Circus Maximus]

Zakee Chan

Zakee is a theatre practitioner who’s artistic awakening happened when he was casted as a tree, aged 10. Since then he’s gone on to write, act and direct in multiple performances, most notably writing and directing There’s a Zoo under my bed in 2016.

He recently graduated from the Nanyang Academy of Fine arts with a Bachelors in Theatre Arts and is now devoting his life full time in the creation of educational and entertaining content for the children of Singapore.

Both JJ and Zak have experience conducting drama and speech workshops for preschoolers aged 3 to 6.

“When I was young, I always thought of theatre as the pinnacle of storytelling. It engages us physically as much as mentally. But my imagination got better of me, what if I could visit the world presented on stage instead of passively watching it from a seat? 

That was how my purpose in life took shape. I am very dedicated in the craft of bringing fictional worlds into this world to allow people to have the best storytelling experiences ever.”

Head Experience Engineer - JJ

“Ever since I was a little boy I’ve always dreamed of travelling to different worlds the likes of Wonderland and Narnia. Something about far off lands and fantastical characters have sparked that sense of adventure and discovery in me. 

Oz Studios has given me a chance to create my own worlds for a new generation of children to learn, explore and most importantly enjoy. In that way I hope I would have inspired them to create not only their own land of imagination one day, but to shape the real world they live in”.

Resident Dream Alchemist - Zak

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