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"Creating stories that comes to life for children to immerse themselves into individual characters to express their creativity"

We pride ourselves as “Experience Engineers”

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Beta Video Site

Continuing to find ways to engage children with different mode of learning and relevant content within the confines of the classroom.

Virtual Theatre Show

The show must go on! Creative ways of using Zoom and other live streaming platforms is the way forward.

Live Interactive Shows

Our favourite kind

Live Puppet Shows

Expose your children to the a different mode of speech and drama throught puppetry!

"The World Of Reality Has Its Limits ; The World Of Imagination Is Boundless."

Past Shows


This is a small group production that Oz Studios had the opportunity of doing to include activities into theater and using elements of the story and the surrounding to immerse the children as characters into the story!

The Extravagant Ed and his Circus Maximus are hiring! Allow your child to join the circus full of amazing animals and fantastical feats in a circus
unlike any the world has ever seen! But hidden under the neon lights and brightly coloured drapes, is everything as it seems? The animals are planning a great escape and only you can help them!